A lot happens in 25 years.

Running a business that long sometimes makes you feel like you’re counted in dog years. Undoubtedly that cuts from both directions, but the secret to my success in longevity has never been just about me. Long hours, boundless creativity, a hunger for growth and knowledge, love of the work, all those things are me, but I’ve never had to go it alone.

Sure, it’s a cliché, but believe these words: your business relationships and partners are everything if you want to survive and enjoy your time as a business professional.

And enjoy them while you can. You can lose count seeing so many good ones drift out of your business sphere, and sadly most often your life. That constant shifting of business relationships could be considered a blessing and the boon for the small business owner. Forever looking to retain and expand your client base teaches you to appreciate everyone you come in contact and the give and take that each experience offers.

So, without further ado I’d like to go into an academy-like thank you. Tons of folks will get missed, but I’m going to try and hit the high points.

First and foremost, all-time appreciation goes to Karin McNair, the one I have often jokingly called my benefactor. She had been such a wonderful and continuous contributor to bringing me business over 20 years. And always a good friend.

Next to thank would be Scott Misner, fellow business owner and client. Seeing my struggle first hand, embracing it and building synergy has taught me you can keep building a strong business relationship every day.

Finally, I want to call out Bill Pridgen, also known as Electric Bill. I was inspired by his independent spirit to get out there and start a business as a fresh-faced kid straight out of art school in the late 1980’s. His example served as an early work template, professionalism as an office mate, and lately vendor and guru of knowledge. Keeping up with technology and information really can be fun my friend!


The following list of big thanks is very incomplete but here goes in somewhat chronological order:

Friends who are/were employees or business associates: Russell Boone, Jeff Rooney, Keen Sol (Jarvis Jones), Dani Nation, Jaki Cellini, Jenn Heard, David Ford, Paul Smith, Karin Mason, Jim Jackson, Paul Friedrich, Wayne Leechford, Matthew Ray, Thomas DeVries, Brad Magner, Neil Hinson, Landon Elmore

More than clients and associates: Miles Wright, Greg Carter, John Icardi , Rick Feiler, Vicki Smith, Melissa Swindell, Kim Alfreds, Chrysanthe Georges, George Holloman, Colleen Murphy, Rich Shopmyer, Jeff Johnston, Mark Zumbach, Melanie Davis-Jones, Oliver White, Linda Satterfield, Karen Sinclair, Bill Peebles, Doug Cooper, David Sheeks, Adam Richman, Chad Barefoot, Jim Catalana, Kevin Frazier, Steve Henley, Kevin Murphy, Erika Werne, Connie Broich, Greg Hatem, Michael Bustin, Leona Hampton, Barbara Lehenbauer, Ilina Ewen, Adam Cohen, David Chatham

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