Beyond the Film Festival

The Cary Theater’s premier film festival has been a been a creative wild ride and a lot of fun. Being a longtime film fan, it has been a pleasure diving into filmmaking tropes. While a real challenge to find unique concepts in this well-mined field, it has helped raised our bar for storytelling campaigns. More can be found here. And for a case study of the Cary Theater.


Capital City Bikefest

As one of the largest downtown events in our region, the Capital City Bikefest hosts a long weekend of fun and entertainment for the family. It was a unique challenge to Rebrand this event and create enough exciting elements to weave throughout such a large outdoor space. We started with researching historic motorcycle and event brands and used a modern sensibility to bring it all together. More can be found here.




HoneyWell Energize

With a long history of working with technology companies and our experience with event Branding, we were a great fit to tackle the Honeywell Smart Energy Conference Energize. It was made all the more pleasurable for us to be able to deploy the brand in digital formats like apps and Cvent along with a large conference footprint. More can be found here.


Elster Connect

Though it was a whirlwind start for us to completely Rebrand this long running conference hosted by Elster, we quickly settled into creating location oriented themes that were fun and embraced the context of Elster’s famous products and Smart Energy Solutions. More can be found here.


Other Events

Ambiente Modern Furniture Grand Opening

Celebrating the opening of their new location, this high end modern furniture store chain splashed it out with a semi private cocktail party and a full weekend of sales and giveaways. We updated their Branding and developed an impactful ad, social media, and on site campaign.

DHIC 40th Anniversary

On the heels of a complete and successful Rebrand of this long-standing affordable housing developer, we charged into pulling together a powerful, elegant and historic 40th Anniversary event. We delivered a host of needs including an event Subbrand logo, ongoing campaign, historic video, and signage for a full luncheon with speakers and awards.

Sound RiverS

Hosting different events is a primary source funding Sound Rivers important mission to help preserve our region’s waterways. We made sure there was a strong consistent look for their events that are also fun and colorful.

YWCA Academy of Women

Along with many other initiative and event oriented campaigns we developed for the YWCA, the Academy of Women Awards was their largest and most elegant event. Held as an annual fundraiser this gathering had a fabulous dinner and awards ceremony that really honors women’s empowerment.