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Developing and deploying Brand throughout your demand chain is always our goal. So forging long term relationships built on trust, synergy and consistency stand on the same level as our high creative and service standards. These case studies are designed to primarily focus on one or several aspects of larger accounts. For a better understanding of the depth and breadth of work that we can accomplish together please contact us directly to discuss next steps.


When Honeywell acquired Elster there was a period where every vendor’s performance came under review. Having successfully Branded Elster’s Smart Energy user conference (Elster Connect) for three consecutive years, Foundry Zero was an easy fit for the Honeywell rebrand of the same event.


Honeywell Energize Brand

Since the internal Honeywell team did not substantially change, we felt confident and worked to our highest standards. The team began early enough to enable Foundry Zero to consult on the naming of the event, build a new event Brand, and then complete the creative phase with the campaign Brand. 


For Foundry Zero, the creative phase is always the peak period of pressure during the lengthy process. Not only do you really need to be highly creative in considering the primary mark, creativity must be tempered by anticipating the accompanying campaigns. The perfect grounding method is to start with different types of research. We began looking at the energy/software market with fresh eyes to integrating mandates that were discussed beforehand with the Honeywell team and seeing what approaches will create what we call “pillar” directions. These pillars are usually conceptual focuses where an idea seems to explain itself easily and with the most impact. Generally, the visual look will follow the lead of the concept. Continue Honeywell Case Study…

Foundry Zero (Daniel Gallant) is everything we needed in a designer. A great listener and researcher, so he knows what you want and the market environment your business lives. He is super creative, yet understands and respects established brand boundaries. Responsive and responsible; he never misses a deadline, and even helped dig us out of an extremely tight schedule bind. He’s my “go-to” designer.
— Barbara E. Lehenbauer, Marketing Strategist, Phase Dock Inc., Former MarCom Specialist, Honeywell Smart Energy

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The Cary Theater

This study explores being highly creative and expressive on an Arthouse theater budget while promoting films and live performances of very different styles and content. Not ideal, but these are the types of clients that can be some of your favorite projects and experiences over time. It doesn’t hurt that the internal staff and even the city of Cary have all worked to get the best results and make it a positive experience.



The original challenge to pitch the account in hindsight was quite telling. Come up with a plan to promote a wedding contest event that would happen right at their Cary Theater in the heart of downtown Cary. It was nice to later hear that they felt we were the front runners even before the presentation, and were enthusiastic once we were done. We had done our homework. From looking at all aspects of the event: the contest, weddings, and explored the logistics of the surrounding area for cross-promotion and event structure. Even what it meant to be an Arthouse Theater. All compiled into a PowerPoint presentation. While we had to keep our research simple, it was a pitch after all, it showed how easy it was for us to meet this type of challenge. Continue The Cary Theater Case Study…

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GXS has the honor of being the most lengthy and in-depth corporate and technology client Foundry Zero has served. Over a 10 year period a tremendous document library, trade show needs, as well as a host of other projects were part of a daily relationship. This study primarily focuses on our success with creating and updating 100s of different documents over a number of brand updates.

Foundry Zero (FZ) began its relationship with GXS (post HAHT Commerce merger) handling general print collateral updates and tradeshow design. At the time, GXS’s current brand had not updated in some time, so the ongoing project initially required breathing new life into an outdated brand.

After two years of efficient, deadline-driven support, Foundry Zero was chosen as one of several key partners for the total company re-brand in January 2005. Because FZ had managed a large part of the original system, it made sense that we would initiate the redesign and production of all marketing print collateral. In addition, Foundry Zero tackled new duties including general business documents, proposal materials, and all of the company’s stationary. Continue GXS Case Study...

We chose Foundry Zero primarily for its track record for seamless, efficient processes as well as the fast turnaround the schedule required. Another significant factor that made the project a success was their ability to create a diversity of unique concepts. This added valuable visual depth that could be leveraged in other parts of our rebrand initiative.
— Karin McNair, Director of Marketing, OpenText/GXS, INC.

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YWCA Greater Triangle

YWCA Greater Triangle was the first non-profit client where Foundry Zero would tackle significant sub-brand development needs and a very large log of ongoing projects. And it would the first of many accounts that we would work in cooperation with Scott Misner of Misner Public Relations.

Initial research on the non-profit's local and national corporate structure and the subsequent strategic development fell on to Misner Public Relations. Foundry Zero then came in, working quickly to refine and co-develop the naming and visual look of the newly established initiative structure. The main local mandate was to take a beautiful but stark and dramatic national brand and weave in a more colorful and friendly public facing sub-brand.

Once the core Brand was completed and distributed, we worked in cooperation with YWCA Greater Triangle staff and initiative leaders to develop ground level programs and events as well as Microsoft Word based template system for significant pieces that could be used for marketing and info sheets. Along the way we were also tasked with their largest public facing projects such as their website and other digital needs, skinning vans and event displays. The resulting materials were used to deploy engaging and coherent messaging into the community, helping the organization raise more than half a million dollars over four years.

Since this was our first project together, and a large one, having strong internal communication was key to creating a powerful cooperative approach. The results were highly creative and consistent. And always with non-profit budgets in mind.
— Scott Misner, Misner Public Relations

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Foundry Zero started working with Pilling Weck within a year of the initial merger between two well-established surgical instrument companies: Pilling Surgical and Weck Closure Systems.

This would serve as the first proving ground for our recently formed agency. Foundry Zero’s extensive print design and production experience proved beneficial to handling various complex tasks that included: multiple languages, special materials handling and quantity distribution. In addition, FZ designed for the varying material types of the actual surgical instruments. It provided us with the opportunity to unite the importance of artistic concepts with product illustration in various instructions-for-use projects such as inserts and product brochures. Finally, it established the foundation for future projects that required applying consistent brand and structure. Continue Pilling Weck Case Study...

It was critical to have vendors who had the ability to be flexible and enthusiastic about handling so much of our customer facing resources. Daniel Gallant had a great rapport with my marketing manager and product managers, and responded to the level of depth required to design and illustrate for our complex medical needs.
— John Icardi, Senior Marketing & Product Development Manager, Pilling Weck

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Foundry Zero established a sustained relationship with Georges Direct doing a series of cooperative projects. After tackling successful projects for clients Progress Energy, Zurich Direct and Verizon, Chrysanthe Georges felt Foundry Zero was the great resource for handling a large project for Icon Imaging, Inc.

This project required an end-to-end rebrand, including stationary and a large series of blister packaging. A key issue while tackling the initial creative phase required understanding the context of the colorful classic imagery being used on many of the products. Sold primarily through the Arts & Crafts market, Icon focused on traditional classic imagery and textures from eras and subjects spanning beyond the last century. Rooted in this theory, FZ decided to design with a more traditional Americana style in the core rebrand structure. Continue Icon Imaging Case Study...

Foundry Zero made a strong visual compliment for our treatment of language and marketing. I was impressed with the high level depth of thought and research that went into understanding the ICON style and market. Daniel’s ability to meet deadlines also made the general flow of the project seem effortless.
— Chrysanthe Georges Sawyer, Georges Direct

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